Ayurvedic Center Charak

In the traditional Ayurvedic Center Charak You will get a great variety of all Ayurvedic treatments which on the one hand increase your health and wealth and on the other hand they increase your beautyness and youth.

With Ayurveda you can help your body to become fit and powerful and with the panchakarma treatments you can easily clean your body from all toxins.

We provide you all kind of Ayurvedic treatments and especially for our panchkarma customers we also serve typical Ayurvedic food and Accomodation in our cosy guestrooms.

One day of Panchakarma inclusive treatments, ayurvedic food & accomodation costs 2500 Rupees per day/customer.

The fees for Herbals, study courses etc. should be paid separatly.

Of course, You are most welcome just for one Ayurvedic massage
... the Fee for one ABHYANGA is 500 Rupees per customer.

Contact: Prateek Mishrapuri
Email: chiefastrologer@hotmail.com
Mobile: +91 9897380703