Ayurvedic treatments:

here are a lot of ayurvedic treatments - from anointings of the whole body to a good long relaxing herbal bloombath. Below you´ll find a selection of treatments: If desired I´ll compose an individual, made-to-measure program for you.

ABYHANGA (anointing of the whole body)

The heart of ayurvedic methods! A harmonizing treatment applying herbal oils matched with the type of constitution as well as Svedana, purifying powder and tea.
Indications: Vata, psychosomatic disease, immunodeficiency, for regeneration, harmonizing of energies, for relaxing, removes waste products and toxic substances.

MUK-SHIROABHYANGA (treatment of head and face)

This ayurvedic method dealing with high-quality oils is very relaxing and spoils the senses. Indications: Relaxes tensions, strengthens the nervous system and the immune system, helpful for the the blood circulation, helpful regarding stress and disturbed sleep, harmonizes brain, heart, lung, pituitary gland, stimulates the facial skin...

GARSHAN (treatment of the whole body with gloves of silk)

This method stimulates the metabolism through the soft roughness of the gloves.
Indications: Has calming effects and stimulates lymphs at the same time...

UDVARTANA (treatment with powder)

This method has special effects regarding overweight and cellulitis. A special herbal powder-mixture will help the process of purification as well as your skin which becomes delicate like of silk.
Indications: Kapha, obesity, excessive sweating, itching, orange-peel skin...

PADABYHANGA (treatment of feet)

A relaxing treatment with Ghee which gives new strength to the feet. Indications: Feeling of weight in the feet, stress, tensions, harmonizing of energies...