About us

Every myth bears its grain of truth and is reality regardless of its form. Likewise my dream of conveying indian culture und showing it in its whole splendour has found its form in the indian shop "Ganesha".

Four years ago I had my first contact with Ayurveda, the traditional indian medicine. Since then I feel an unique energy enriching my very life. My first steps within indian culture have been shaped by deep respect and a certain distance. Just one week later I felt myself caressed by a greater truth which fills me deeply to the very day.

Day after day another door to India opened itself before me - eventually I stood with my own feet in the holy Ganges, the "Mother of Life and Prosperity". With my very own senses and the eyes of my soul I saw a so far foreign culture finding its way into my life. Inspired by the skies over Rishikesh, the earth of Hindustan and the creative waters before me the thought of an own shop arose for the first time.

This website could possibly be your first time getting in touch with indian culture - I hope that I may make your first step towards the meeting of two cultures as beautiful and impressing as possible, with my knowledge, Ayurveda and the indian goods presented in my shop.

Yours Martina Hartensteiner